Friday, February 13, 2015

How to Tell if You Have a "Glass Problem"

I recently polled the very active, fun, supportive, and talented FB group, Fused Glass Fanatics, to find out what they considered the "symptoms" of glass obsession to be. I got 81 responses! They were all great--big thanks to you all!

In general they fell into categories of:

  • injuries
  • material "stow away"
  • hoarding supplies, lusting for equipment
  • time management
So I have assembled a list from these. Here they are:

You might be a Glass-A-Holic if. . .
  • after you have finished working for the day, you have glass in your bra.
  • you plan your family vacations around stops to visit glass stores or shows.
  • you run out of space for your supplies, but can still justify buying more glass!
  • after a cut, you continue to work until the blood drops on the project.
  • you plan where you live based on ideal conditions for your kiln.
To these I'd like to add a mosaic twist:
  • you've walked into a store with grout smears on your face.
And if you have some of your own to add, please make a comment!

Here are my favorite personal comments from the poll:

From Ruth Grimes--"Neighbor wondered why I was looking into his house with binoculars...had to explain I was actually reading the temperature on the kiln in the garage from the deck. Too many times on the stairs already."

From Carol McMahon Rasmussen--"Few years back when I worked In stained glass, had to get an X-ray of a sore shoulder. Tec can into the room and asked if I had ever been shot. I said NO--she asked "are you sure?" Of course I'm sure! So she removed my gown and there stuck to my arm ( don't ask me how) is a piece lead came."

And here is a very cool suggestion from Billy Mack: 
"Better than bandaids---White Athletic Tape---before a big project, I would wrap my thumb and 3 fingers, but only the tips, I could cut,grind,lead all day long and not have to change them at all."

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and comments!

May all of your scores run true. 


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