Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goodbye? No! Hello!

Heart for Barbara, by Paula MacLeod

I created The Score on February 6 of this year. It was a requirement for a class I took this semester called Social Media and SEO Optimization. I chose the topic, and over the past several months, I have grown more and more interested in exploring different subjects for the blog and excited about tracking traffic to my blog.  So I've decided that even though it is not "necessary" to continue The Score and my professor won't be critiquing my posts, I am going to keep blogging here.

That said, I will diverge a little off of the topic of art glass and widen the topic to the business of art. This is something that I feel like every artist struggles with because, well, we want to make art and selling it is hard. I picked the Interactive Media Master's of Art program because I needed a skill set update for the workplace, but I also had a agenda to learn as much as I can about marketing to bring support back to the artists and community that I love.

I see a very complex market that in some ways works against the independent artist. I try not to be too negative, but with cheap, attractive manufactured "art" in Home Goods and Target, how can an artist, who has honed their skills over years and at their own expense, compete? I am going to find out.

So I'm going to start off on a side project/mission to sell art. Not mine. Yours.

Follow me.

May all of your scores run true!

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