Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tracking and Managing Social Media

In my last blog I highlighted some local businesses who have successfully used Instagram for their promotions and marketing. I'm going to go a bit further this week and touch on analytics and social media management, starting with Instagram, because I got a great newsletter from The Social Media Examiner (which I recommend anyone who wants to keep up with what's what to follow) that offers 13 tips for using Instagram from experts.

After reading through those tips, I wondered how to measure analytics for Instagram. Iconosquare  used to be free, but is now charging, which is (IMHO) a down-side. This post by Agorapulse offers some low-cost alternatives.

But I kept looking around the inter webs, and came to the conclusion that Hootsuite offers the most flexibility, scheduling and analytics with a basic platform for free. There are more advanced packages, but for an individual, the price is right. Here's a nice Prezi Hootsuite Analytics Tutorial that will help explain how this helps your business.

Hootsuite can track multiple social media platforms, which is one big reason why I think it is helpful. As I've mentioned before in my post on what to expect from social media engagement, you will want to choose the platforms that suit you and your business best. This will mean making sure that your posts are consistent in tone and also delivery.

The main point here is to check in with whatever analytics tools you can use to gauge the level of engagement that you are getting with the platforms you have chosen. If you've spread yourself too thin and aren't getting enough engagement with one, it might be time to re-evaluate or put more effort into cross-posting more consistently. That's where all of the planning comes in and saves you time.

May all of your scores run true!

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