Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Lookbook for Your Art? Sure!

Fall Tree, Custom Kitchen Mosaic by P. MacLeod

Lookbooks are a fashion industry standard. They communicate the designers brand vision and coming collections. So what can a lookbook do for an artist? A lookbook defines who you are and, as important, who you are not.  It describes you and what you offer that will help your clients personally, professionally or both.  

So how do you put together a lookbook? It should cover:
  • Your biography
  • What inspires you
  • Your brand/art statement
  • Your media coverage/presence
  • What you offer
  • Your contact info
  • LOTS of pictures of your artwork, your studio, action shots, etc.
A lookbook is personal. It's all about you and your work. Present your work in groupings, and maybe include your work in a setting such as featuring your painting as part of home decor (like staging). Allow people to experience your work. 

A lookbook is about 15 pages long. If you can create your own digital lookbook, the cost is relatively free and you can promote it on multiple channels (your website, Pinterest, etc.). If you don't have any graphic design experience, invest in getting a professional to help you create your lookbook. It needs to be very visually appealing and professional. For more expense, you can also have it printed for trade shows and the like. Unlike catalogs, lookbooks typically do not include prices. 

I have very few examples of art lookbooks, so this may be a great way to do something new to stand out from the crowd. Here is an article from the Art Business Institute that discusses art lookbooks. Art Gallery Fabrics has some very beautiful and professional lookbooks featuring different fabric artists and their work. 

I plan to create a lookbook for my work over the next couple of weeks. When it is done, I will share. I hope  if you create a lookbook, that you will share it with me, too! 

May all of your scores run true!

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