Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Chair Project!

Antique Chair Update
Photo by P. MacLeod

I chronicled the development of a chair that I created for the Painted Chair and More Auction benefit for the Independent Animal Rescue last year. People liked it, so I'm going to do it again! 

I found the chair pictured above on a trip to The Scrap Exchange for $7.00. This is what it looked like before I took off the old upholstery. It has lots of character!

Photo by P. MacLeod

Getting all of the upholstery off was a bigger job than I expected. There were many, many tacks, and the cushion material had dry rotted and created a lot of nasty dust. My upholstery skills are novice at best, and after researching how to redo the cushion style, I had to re-strategize. I'm not ready for setting springs. 

I painted it a very pale lavender color. It was a bit lighter than I expected, but I like the look. I have purple material for the upholstery, and I'm considering accenting some of the details with distressed silver paint. 

However, I am going to do a mosaic feature on the back. The sketch is coming next! Please follow my progress!

May all of your scores run true--